MMS Consultants have authored and co-authored a number of publications and training manuals. Here are some samples:

  • Designing an Effective Training Program For Your Mentors 
  • Best Practices for Mentoring Programs
  • Designing and Implementing a Group Mentoring Program 
  • Foster Youth Mentorship Training For Program Managers  
  • Needs Assessment Guide for Three Mentoring Models
  • How to Develop an Operations Manual For Your Mentoring Program
  • Mentoring Essentials: Risk Management For Mentoring Programs
  • Designing and Customizing Mentor Training
  • Mentoring Former Prisoners: A Guide for Prisoner Reentry Programs
  • Preparing Mentees For Success: A Program Manager’s Guide 
  • Responsible Mentoring: Talking About Drugs, Sex and Other Difficult Issues 
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Starting a Mentoring Program 
  • When Stakes Are High: Research-Based Mentoring For Youth With Multiple Risk Factors
  • Training New Mentees: A Manual For Preparing Youth in Mentoring Programs

Should you want digital copies of these documents (five documents per request), please email Jerry Sherk —  — with the word “mentoring” as the subject line. Additionally, if you have other topics or populations you are thinking about developing a program for, drop Jerry an email <> and he will assist you in your research.  (Most, but not all of the above documents are available in digital form.)